Wussten Sie, dass mitten im Zweiten Weltkrieg eine Europäische Union gegründet wurde? So nannte sich die Widerstandsgruppe um Paul Rentsch, Georg Groscurth, Herbert Richter und Robert Havemann (1910-1982). Am 15. Juli 1943 gipfelte ihr Zusammentun ab dem ersten Kriegsjahr in dieser mutigen Neugründung im Bombenkrieg ausgesetzten Berlin. Die E.U....

In seinem 1924 veröffentlichten Roman bewertete der Autor mit dieser Formel das merkwürdige Ende des Weltkrieges (Waffenstillstand, Revolution, Paris/Versailles): „Es geschah nichts.“ Siehe Gründungsmanifest.



Fünfzig Millionen Mark kostet in Deutschland das Frühstück.

An English-language transcript of the Aufa100 founding manifesto is expected to be published in the United States. "The sleeping Beauty of Commemorative Culture - Decolonizing Versailles" manuscript was proofread by Veronica Burgstaller (GB) and Doris Moorhead (GB). In the run up to the publication, feel free to contact us.



The Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations holds its first session in Geneva. This may be regarded as a substantial consequence of the British coup at the opening of the 1919 Paris Conference (at the time of a prolonged Armistice).

In the third summer of the Armistice 1918, both of the ceasefire initiators find back to each other. Germany, which was barred from participation in the Paris Conference by England, the Empire, the Entente & the United States, concludes a separate peace with the U.S., now under President Warren Harding, which refused to ratify the Treaty and...

At our first symposium, January 25, 2021, we launched the call for the establishment of a new common commemorative day: Let us celebrate and commemorate "a century of decolonization", in German: die Hundertjahrfeier der Entkolonialisierung.

This was an interesting conversation that resulted from Mr. Kahlert's insightful keynote:

In March 1921, Nguyen Ai Quoc (Nguyễn Ái Quốc, Ho Chi Minh) creates the "Union Intercoloniale" (Intercolonial Union). A few months before, the imperialist "League of Versailles" (Swiss wording throughout the 20th century) held his first annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.