In seinem 1924 ver├Âffentlichten Roman bewertete der Autor mit dieser Formel das merkw├╝rdige Ende des Weltkrieges (Waffenstillstand, Revolution, Paris/Versailles): ÔÇ×Es geschah nichts.ÔÇť Siehe Gr├╝ndungsmanifest.



F├╝nfzig Millionen Mark kostet in Deutschland das Fr├╝hst├╝ck.

A detail? While the British and the Empire put itself and the other colonisers, all on the Entente's side, on moral high ground, the facts on the ground told a different story. Here's the case of British Afghanistan 1923, as the Waziri tribesmen of an Afghan village were bombed (Sean Andrew Wempe, The Revenants of the German Empire. Colonial...

Obwohl England den deutschen Feind einen h├Âheren Anteil der Reparationszahlungen abverlangt, besetzten seine belgischen und franz├Âsischen Alliierten Teile der Weimarer Republik, weil diese in eine problematische Lage der Abl├Âsung geraten war (Georges-Henri Soutou, Peter de Bourgraaf).

ESSAY: A New Look at Anne Frank, Her Father, and WWI Through Literature and History. A centennial collection of writers' articles

Podcast! Three years after the scuttling of the German navy on the would-be final day of the Armistice and as many years following the signing of the Treaty and "League of Versailles", right-wing extremists in the three-year-old Weimar Republic murder another top-ranking politician. Walther Rathenau had served for a few months as its seventh...

Die Akten der Passauer Tagung vom 27.XI.21 sollen publiziert werden. Dies soll in der beim AVM Verlag M├╝nchen neu gegr├╝ndeten Reihe "Romain Rolland Studien" geschehen.

An English-language transcript of the Aufa100 founding manifesto is expected to be published by an academic publisher in either the United States or Switzerland/the Federal Republic of Germany. The "Decolonizing Versailles" manuscript was proofread by Veronica Burgstaller (GB) and Doris Moorhead (GB). In the run up to the publication, feel free to ...

At our first symposium, January 25, 2021, we launched the call for the establishment of a new common commemorative day: Let us celebrate and commemorate "a century of decolonisation", in German: die Hundertjahrfeier der Entkolonialisierung. Today is the call's first anniversary. On December 15, 2021, it was submitted to the Conference on the Future...

Shortly after the first world war and an equally devastating pandemic for all, solely the German nation would plunge into another era of catastrophes. What happened?

Es brauchte das Zentenarium und hundert Jahre, bevor nichtwei├čen Opfern des Gro├čen Krieges ein ordentliches Denkmal neben dem der nichtschwarzen US-Kameraden gesetzt wurde. Unsere Kommission verfolgte ├╝ber das Jahr 2021 die Entwicklungen im US-Bundesstaat.

Warum dauerte der Krieg nach offizieller Lesart f├╝r die Vereinigten Staaten genauso lange wie f├╝r die ausl├Âsenden Staaten von 1914, obwohl das neutrale Lager erst nach drei Jahren von Washington verlassen wurde?

In Genf beginnt die wortw├Ârtlich internationalisierte Verwaltung der ├╝berseeischen Gebiete Deutschlands. Wie im Pariser Winter von 1919 ├╝bernehmen die britischen Vertreter plus die Funktion├Ąre, die aus der ├╝berraschenden Erscheinung einer British Empire Delegation (Britischen Reichsdelegation) hervorgegangen sind, nach wie vor die Hauptrolle in...



Sunday September 12, histocamp's opening evening, the second-to-none transnational team of Verena, Sabrina, Annette and me won the exhilarating histo-quiz. It coincides with a similar concept of ours: developing a bilingual centenary-quiz.

Why has the centenary of Erzberger's violent death only been commemorated within national boundaries so far? Wouldn't it be helpful for many others in Europe and beyond to share Germany's "Erzberger Year 2021" culture of memory? At the initial events earlier this year, the Aufa100 founder seemed to appear as the only non-German participant.

Out of the war-unleashing core of the 33 signatory states, including five British colonies, at the final day of the Paris Conference on June 28, 1919, the state of war lasted shortest for the 1917 accessed United States of America?

A hundred years ago, this was the first day that saw Austrian-born Adolf Hitler as a leader. Aged 32, the lead of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) was taken up by this Westfront veteran. His leadership career would not end before the final, subterraneous stage of his life in the F├╝hrerbunker, 24 years later on in Berlin....

"The truce is a significant event in the Decade of Commemorations. Reflecting on the truce, which was agreed 100 years ago, it is appropriate to recall how the people in the streets of villages, towns and cities hoped and prayed for peace," Irish President Michael D Higgins is quoted by the Irish Times.