One year after the unprecedented massacre of Babi Yar, the village population of Kortelisy 🇺🇦 was slaughtered. Westerners' culture of remembrance was shaped by "Lidice and Oradour-sur-Glane".

In September 1936, as the Nazi Party had been in power since three-and-a-half years, former British PM David Lloyd George, the secret leader of the 1919 Paris Conference and the evil genius of the Versailles diktat, went on a nearly month-long visit to Germany.

In the eight year of the Versailles order, the League Against Imperialism was founded. This organisation was obviously a reaction to the 🇬🇧-led League of Nations. In the fourth year of the Great War, United States President Woodrow Wilson provided the idea for this League. Though at the Paris conference, British forces mould it for their national...

In seinem 1924 veröffentlichten Roman bewertete der Autor mit dieser Formel das merkwürdige Ende des Weltkrieges (Waffenstillstand, Revolution, Paris/Versailles): „Es geschah nichts.“ Siehe Gründungsmanifest.



Fünfzig Millionen Mark kostet in Deutschland das Frühstück.

A detail? While the British and the Empire put itself and the other colonisers, all on the Entente's side, on moral high ground, the facts on the ground told a different story. Here's the case of British Afghanistan 1923, as the Waziri tribesmen of an Afghan village were bombed (Sean Andrew Wempe, The Revenants of the German Empire. Colonial...

Obwohl England unter Ausschluss der Deutschen in Paris einen höheren Anteil der Reparationszahlungen als le Tigre abverlangte, besetzten seine Alliierten rechtsrheinische Teile der Weimarer Republik, weil diese in eine problematische Lage der Ablösung geraten war (Georges-Henri Soutou 🇫🇷, Peter de Bourgraaf 🇳🇱).

The German cabinet under the lead of Joseph Wirth resigns. Its Erfüllungspolitik (policy of appeasement) did not at all lead to any leniency that could have been provided by the 1919 diktat authors.

ESSAY by Peter de Bourgraaf in 🇺🇸/🇫🇷 anthology: A New Look at Anne Frank, Her Father, and WWI Through Literature and History. A centennial collection of 62 writers

Greater War?


Zurück liegt der griechische Rückzug aus Kleinasien. Zwischen der Türkei unter der Leitung von Mustafa Kemal und Englands Bündnispartner Griechenland wird ein Waffenstillstand vereinbart.

At our first symposium, January 25, 2021, we launched the call for the establishment of a new common commemorative day: Let us celebrate and commemorate "a century of decolonisation", in German: die Hundertjahrfeier der Entkolonialisierung. Today is the call's first anniversary. On December 15, 2021, it was submitted to the Conference on the Future...

Op dinsdag 28 juni 2022 presenteerde de grondlegger van de Aufa💯 de resultaten van de afgelopen drie jaar post-Centenaire onderzoek. Het baanbrekende beeldmateriaal bij deze presentatie werd door de commissiemedewerkers in eigen beheer vervaardigd.

Since March 2021, Aufa💯 has commemorated the anniversaries of political murder in the Germany's first republic several times. Within the context of modern Germany's mnemonic landscape, something strange can be observed.

"Superior." This is how the reasoning of the British delegates at the Paris Conference qualified the nature of colonial rule by the Entente powers. Winter 1919, the Spanish flu is making millions of casualties in addition to the war dead.

1922. In the shadow of the Conference of Genoa, a Paris/Versailles follow-up, the two outcasts of this postwar order, that is red Russia and the Weimar Republic, shook hands. By the Treaty of Rapallo, they broke through their different types of isolation.

Gratis het grootste passagiersschip bouwen ten bate van een ander land? Het gebeurde in het hongerde en geplaagde Duitsland van honderd jaar geleden.