Kolloquium „À la recherche d'une patrie européenne. Cent ans de représentation de l'Europe dans la revue „Europe“. Vortrag Peter de Bourgraaf am 105. Jahrestag des Waffenstillstandes von Compiègne/Rethondes, Universität Passau

An extended English-language transcript of the Aufa💯 founding manifesto is expected to be published in an academic journal. De Bourgraaf's "Vice Versa Versailles. The Sleeping Beauty of Europe's Memory Culture" manuscript was peer-reviewed on both sides of the big pond.

Aidelaide, 🇦🇺 Best of Enemies conference. January 1919: Considering the Paris peace conference's opening stage and the first themes of its shuffled agenda, which delegates took centre stage?

At our first symposium, January 25, 2021, we launched the call for the establishment of a new common commemorative day: Let us celebrate and commemorate "a century of decolonisation", in German: die Hundertjahrfeier der Entkolonialisierung. On December 15, 2021, the call was submitted to the Conference on the Future of Europe.