Since March 2021, Aufa💯 has commemorated the anniversaries of political murder in the Germany's first republic several times. Within the context of modern Germany's mnemonic landscape, something strange can be observed.

"Superior." This is how the reasoning of the British delegates at the Paris Conference qualified the nature of colonial rule by the Entente powers. Winter 1919, the Spanish flu is making millions of casualties in addition to the war dead.

1922. In the shadow of the Conference of Genoa, a Paris/Versailles follow-up, the two outcasts of this postwar order, that is red Russia and the Weimar Republic, shook hands. By the Treaty of Rapallo, they broke through their different types of isolation.

Gratis het grootste passagiersschip bouwen ten bate van een ander land? Het gebeurde in het hongerde en geplaagde Duitsland van honderd jaar geleden.

Wie im nordirischen Derry dem Massaker an vierzehn Demonstranten gegen die Teilung ihres Landes gedacht wird, verdeutlicht die Rolle gesellschaftlicher Machtverhältnisse in der Erinnerungskultur, hier am Beispiel 🇬🇧.

"Non-bipartisan" (see point four) book review: What does a couple of German historians make from a centenary of First-World-War historiography in an anthology with a United States publishing house?