Janina Cymborski  🇩🇪 🇪🇺 , Politikwissenschaftlerin im Sächsischen Staatsministerium für RegionalentwicklungAufa💯 Associate Director (September 2020 - July 2022). Cymborski authored the German-language blog essays Bloody Sunday und die postkoloniale Debatte, Bidens Anerkennung des Genozids an den Armeniern and Vor 100 Jahren, Grüße aus Leipzig – Brief an den Völkerbund.

Personalia Passé

Veronica Burgstaller (England) worked with us from 1 February until 30 September 2021. In the final month of her stimulating engagement she graduated from Leuven University. She is one of a kind to raise an awareness campaign against Brexit-Britain and Brexiteers, people of the same kind of the Lloyd George-Smuts-Admiralty-Aitken/Harmsworth (Beaverbrook/Northcliffe) imperialistic Parisian Alleingang versus the rest of Europe. Though the other Europeans may stand stronger together than any nation, first and foremost Weimar Germany, in the state system before the era of international organization (the aborted „League of Versailles“ naturally not included).