Diktat & Dictatorship: Wales-Oberösterreich


In September 1936, as the Nazi Party had been in power since three-and-a-half years, former British PM David Lloyd George, the secret leader of the 1919 Paris Conference and the evil genius of the Versailles diktat, went on a nearly month-long visit to Germany.

The Welsh Englishman started in Bavaria, the German dictator and the 1919 diktat originator had two encounters in Hitler's Berchtesgaden residence.

Im Jahr 1965 wurde David Lloyd George vom renommierten englischen Historiker A.J.P. Taylor als:

"nearest thing England has known to a Napoleon".

bezeichnet. Die vollständige Quellenangabe findet sich in:

Is Boris de Pfeffel (Johnson) a 21-century Lloyd George?

Right side up: Autumn 2019 Cartoon by Cicero Magazin (Germany).

In 2019, Peter de Bourgraaf extended the original and put it in a historical perspective: the end-of-the-First-World-War Centennial timeline.

Left to right (1936): Visiting a monument. Encounters with the Bavarian people. Wreath at a Great War memorial.

Thanks to British Film Institute.