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One year after the unprecedented massacre of Babi Yar, the village population of Kortelisy 🇺🇦 was slaughtered. Westerners' culture of remembrance was shaped by "Lidice and Oradour-sur-Glane".

In September 1936, as the Nazi Party had been in power since three-and-a-half years, former British PM David Lloyd George, the secret leader of the 1919 Paris Conference and the evil genius of the Versailles diktat, went on a nearly month-long visit to Germany.

On 11 August 1929, the German republic turned ten (1919 – 1929). The roaring twenties would soon end in a Paris/Versailles precooked tragedy. Did Germans celebrate the Weimar jubilee?



At first sight, the story of the first NSDAP-mayor does not seem interesting. Who cares about the effort. Obviously, Mr Franz Schwede would be followed by many more.

In the eight year of the Versailles order, the League Against Imperialism was founded. This organisation was obviously a reaction to the 🇬🇧-led League of Nations. In the fourth year of the Great War, United States President Woodrow Wilson provided the idea for this League. Though at the Paris conference, British forces mould it for their national...

In seinem 1924 veröffentlichten Roman bewertete der Autor mit dieser Formel das merkwürdige Ende des Weltkrieges (Waffenstillstand, Revolution, Paris/Versailles): „Es geschah nichts.“ Siehe Gründungsmanifest.

A detail? While the British and the Empire put itself and the other colonisers, all on the Entente's side, on moral high ground, the facts on the ground told a different story. Here's the case of British Afghanistan 1923, as the Waziri tribesmen of an Afghan village were bombed (Sean Andrew Wempe, The Revenants of the German Empire. Colonial...