Sunday September 12, histocamp's opening evening, the second-to-none transnational team of Verena, Sabrina, Annette and me won the exhilarating histo-quiz. It coincides with a similar concept of ours: developing a bilingual centenary-quiz.

International Conference: "Communication history of International Organizations and NGOs: Question, Research Perpectives, Topics", Bremen, 22-23 April 2021



1920 bestseller "The Economic Consequences of the Peace" by John Maynard Keynes. On 4 June 1919, the British Delegation under the lead of David Lloyd would continue the Paris "Peace" Conference without its economist. John M. Keynes resigned the day before he turned 36. This Englishmen acknowledged the difference between peace and "peace".

Europeans, does John Major make a splendid appearance as a John Maynard Keynes of the twenty-first century? Leider gibt sich dessen inhaltlich geschichtlicher Lookalike wie eine Schlafwandererversion des international hochgepriesenen Wirtschaftswissenschaftlers mit einem genau hundert Jahre alten Bestseller. Für seine eindrucksvolle, friedfertige...

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