Weimar jubilee (?)


On 11 August 1929, the German republic turned ten (1919 – 1929). The roaring twenties would soon end in a Paris/Versailles precooked tragedy. Did Germans celebrate the Weimar jubilee?

How was that "party summer"'s follow-up, when the other Europeans took off on 28 June, the tenth birthday of the Treaty of Versailles?! Now reread mainstream historians, most notably including Germany's.

Play the 🇩🇪 game on www.mission1929.de . Query: What and whose statement fails to stand the test of historical truth?

On the eve of 25 December 2021, Aufa💯 founding father de Bourgraaf commemorated the tenth anniversary of the Russian Federation, born on 25 December 1991 as the collapsed Union of Socialist Soviet Republics' successor state. On the anniversary, I travelled to the Atlantic Alliance's Brussels headquarters to hand over a petition (see👇🏼), containing reference to essential Paris/Weimar/Versailles lessons learnt.

As colleagues from Moscow to Washington did with me at the time, that is probing a comparison between the triumphalist western bloc now (Y2K) and then each in opposition to an outcast state and infant democracy, it is still interesting today to explore both cases, i.e. the differences and continuities.

Source: De Bourgraaf's personal archive
Source: De Bourgraaf's personal archive