At first sight, the story of the first NSDAP-mayor does not seem interesting. Who cares about the effort. Obviously, Mr Franz Schwede would be followed by many more.

Indeed, Coburg, Bavaria, was the beginning. When observing the very moment in history, when a municipal vote rendered a majority of the city hall seats to the Nazi party for the first time, is interesting. In the summer of 2019, the northern Franconians went to the ballot box. The outcome resulted in Mr Schwede's appointment.


According to quite of lot of colleagues in historiography, the October 1929 Wall Street crash would lead to massive deprivations in Germany. Obviously, not only the Germans suffered from the world economic crisis. Though the effects, such as unemployment and disillusionment in a yet precarious situation after a decade of being dictated by the Entente powers, were nowhere as strong as in the Weimar republic.

Was it this to which Weimar's collapse can be attributed? We agree that the crisis of the financial system gave the revisionists and extreme nationalists a potentially decisive impetus. To be continued.

Coburg: Digitales Stadtged├Ąchtnis

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