According to the splendid eyewitness report from 1940 (!), a window for diktat revision was opened in the economic crisis year 1931.(1) Who or what declined on it?

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The presidential cabinet of Heinrich Brüning, the first leader of a presidential cabinet (Präsidialcabinet) did not take long to visit both Paris and London. Not only the French couple of Pierre Laval and Aristide Briand paid a return visit to Berlin, but also their British colleagues Ramsay Macdonald and Arthur Henderson.

How is this diplomatic opening evaluated by Otto Braun, prime minister of the democratic republik of Prussia, who managed to stay in office for almost as long as the duration of the German republic?

Otto Braun, Prussia's Prime Minister (1920–1932)
Otto Braun, Prussia's Prime Minister (1920–1932)

📕  Otto Braun. Von Weimar zu Hitler (Gerstenberg Verlag, Hildesheim 1979 – Originalausgabe 1940), S. 347.