The Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations holds its first session in Geneva. This may be regarded as a substantial consequence of the British coup at the opening of the 1919 Paris Conference (at the time of a prolonged Armistice).

„Weiße Dekolonisation“. Ein Porträt Weimars als ersten postkolonialen Staates

Why has the centenary of Erzberger's violent death only been commemorated within national boundaries so far? Wouldn't it be helpful for many others in Europe and beyond to share Germany's "Erzberger Jahr 2021" culture of memory? At the initial events earlier this year, the Aufa100 founder seemed to appear as the only non-German participant.

Out of the war-unleashing core of the 33 signatory states, including five British colonies, at the final day of the Paris Conference on June 28, 1919, the state of war lasted shortest for the 1917 accessed United States of America?

A hundred years ago, this was the first day that saw Austrian-born Adolf Hitler as a leader. Aged 32, the lead of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) was taken up by this Westfront veteran. His leadership career would not end before the final, subterraneous stage of his life in the Führerbunker, 24 years later on in Berlin.

"The truce is a significant event in the Decade of Commemorations. Reflecting on the truce, which was agreed 100 years ago, it is appropriate to recall how the people in the streets of villages, towns and cities hoped and prayed for peace," Irish President Michael D. Higgins is quoted by the Irish Times.



Dass Deutsche in Sachen Kriegsverbrechen second-to-none Täterschaft beanspruchen, bezweifelt niemand, dem die Weltgeschichte ab 1939 vertraut ist. Der neue Trend in Deutschland zielt auf das ganze Jahrhundert ab und kommt einem Absolutheitsanspruch bis hin zur Kolonialgeschichte vor Anfang des Weltkriegszeitalters gleich. Dem muss in einem...

Non à Trianon


Media: Here's 101-year-old "Trianon" in Franco-German broadcasting company Arte's trilingual version. Acknowledge whether or not from a linguistic perspective what is Europe's tragedy, both now and in a "forgotten" historical perspective. Let's put it progressively and be aware of a (West) European hiatus.

June 17, 1921. Berlin, Germany. Hunger! For the first time in Germany's parliamentary history, a row occurs in the then one-year-old Reichstag Parliament.

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