Rapallo. Eurasian Rapallo?


1922 (updated Dec. 18, 2023). In the shadow of the Conference of Genoa, a Paris/Versailles follow-up, the two outcasts of this postwar order, that is red Russia and the Weimar Republic, shook hands. By the Treaty of Rapallo, they broke through their different types of isolation.

What about China and the  🇷🇺 Federation against the backdrop of the armed East-West conflict in the year of 2022, a 💯 years later? Is the West, first and foremost the Anglo-American lead, an "Empire of Lies"? As it comes to the history tale of 1919, the United States of America was on the right side: 🕊

A little more south on the Ligurian coast 🇮🇹, the new Russia and the first German republic agreed on a bilateral get-together. Historiographically much more than Genoa, Rapallo became a well-known story. Both born on the ruins of the world war, Weimar's externally overburdened infant democracy and a revolutionary Russia led by the dictatorship of the proletariat forged a bilateral alliance in order to survive in the unequal confrontation with the 25-state and five-colony western alliance and its dictated imperialistic order.

Half a year following this Russo-German rapprochement, the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics was founded and Italy, a League of Nations member state, saw the introduction of dictatorial rule under Benito Mussolini's leadership. In early summertime, Germany's Foreign Minister had been murdered. Walther Rathenau is said to have positioned himself against this deal with the proletariat's devilish dictatorship.

The authors of the Treaty and "League of Versailles" (i.e. the West minus United States of America) became what it had sowed:

  • international isolation for Lenin's Russia
  • international isolation for the German republic (Weimar)
  • rapprochement of these outcast and isolated powers

Half a year after the foreign-policy breakthrough in 🇮🇹, the creation of the USSR went along with a territorial shift. Vladimir Lenin's Soviet government transferred Russian territories to the neighbouring Ukrainian SSR.

Regarding the newly inflamed East-West conflict with Ukraine obviously paying the price, the Aufa💯 founder's profile contains interesting facts. He petitioned the Brussels headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation on 25 December 2001. In this FORUM2019 (1999-2003) petition celebrating the tenth anniversary of the USSR's abolition (25.XII.1991), he was wondering about the Western military taking the lead of an agreed process that should have resulted in a pan-European version of Germany's reunification. Would the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have appeared in a constructively adapted shape! In peacetime, she moved forward from Cold-War positions. Leaving the new European Union far behind and deliberately putting aside the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the 🇺🇸-led NATO went into the vacuum of small and medium-sized states between the Russian Federation and a successfully unified 🇩🇪. NATO Parliamentary Assembly did not demonstrate any ability to effectively criticise this obvious violation of the Charter of Paris for a New Europe and other post-Cold-War agreements.

Aufa💯 won't stop to recall this story as much as to bolster the flagrantly neglected account of history.  🕊

Kommentar in einem HSozKult-Bericht zu Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht 74 (2023). Prof. Dr. Michael Sauer, 18.XII.2023:

„Bei der historischen Einordnung des Geschehens trat allerdings der vielschichtige internationale Kontext des deutsch-russischen Zusammenschlusses, im Einklang mit der deutschen Geschichtsschreibung der letzten Jahrzehnte, stark in den Hintergrund.“