Non à Trianon


Media: Here's 101-year-old "Trianon" in Franco-German broadcasting company Arte's trilingual version. Acknowledge whether or not from a linguistic perspective what is Europe's tragedy, both now and in a "forgotten" historical perspective. Let's put it progressively and be aware of a European hiatus.

June 17, 1921. Berlin, Germany. Hunger! For the first time in Germany's parliamentary history, a row occurs in the then one-year-old Reichstag Parliament.

International Conference: "Communication history of International Organizations and NGOs: Question, Research Perpectives, Topics", Bremen, 22-23 April 2021

In March 1921, Nguyen Ai Quoc (Nguyễn Ái Quốc, Ho Chi Minh) creates the "Union Intercoloniale" (Intercolonial Union). A few months before, the imperialist "League of Versailles" (Swiss wording throughout the 20th century) held his first annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

„Das heißt nicht: réparation. Das ist séparation." Am 18. März 1921 wandte sich Fanny Klinck im Namen aller deutschen Frauen an den Völkerbund. Dreizehn Monate nach dem ursprünglichen Jahrhundertblogpost vom 18. März 2021, siehe unten, macht Aufa💯 damit ihr Debüt in 🇩🇪 Medien.

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