"Weimar Britain". Winchester England?


Brexit. Who's the famous Oxford scholar who introduced the Schreck of a "Weimar Britain" as a wake-up call, thus comparing it with Versailles 1919?

Britain's renowned historian makes the provision of a deliberate overstatement. Admittedly, much is being taken for granted in providing ammunition against Brexiteers and other populists from both the continent and the Isles. The point is, look at it from a historical point of view and ask yourself, does it make any sense?

P.S.: We were drawing the apparent parallel on to English soil and thus looking for a "Weimar Britain" twin town. Aha . . . Winchester, Englands former capital city in Hampshire?

Source: The Guardian, 27.VII.2018.

Q&A: Timothy Garton Ash, an Oxford historian, England, UK. Europe