The Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations holds its first session in Geneva. This may be regarded as a substantial consequence of the British coup at the opening of the 1919 Paris Conference (at the time of a prolonged Armistice).

Now take a look at the present

Spring 2021. After having researched imperial history and colonialism for decades, the postcolonial debate presently seems to have produced a new word: coloniality. Within a few weeks, it has appeared in all of our working languages.

* In neither of these languages it appears in any dictionary, except for Collins English Dictionary. Coloniality is classified as a noun for Animal Behaviour.

We are producing the untold story of imperialism under the cover of internationalism plus its secret aggrandisement by the practice of subimperialism in Paris, Versailles, London and the Empire. The following picture is a copy of pages 120–121 out of de Bourgraaf's Centenaire title Hundert Jahre Urkatastrophe. Der Kolonialvertrag 1919: